About us

BELGASTECHNIKA, Research-and-Production Republic Unitary Enterprise, is the largest enterprise in the Republic of Belarus, specialized in developing and manufacturing gas equipment, instrumentation and equipment for the safe operation and construction of gas supply systems in Belarus.

Our company works out and manufactures high-quality production, which is agreeable to the energy saving and energy effectivity standarts, to legislative and other requests. It is concerned by the granted ISO 9001-2009 conformity quality management system certificate.

Also, for the compliance with the ecology and nature saving requirements, for the maximal ecology safety level of the producing environmental managing system of our enterprise was granted by ISO 14000-2005 certificate.

We assist partners and clients in order to gain their support. We value our reputation. Our openness and readiness for effective cooperation is aimed at maximum satisfaction all consumer’s requirements.

Company History

In 1976, a design and technology bureau was arranged as a separate unit of Belarusian SSR Goskomgaz.
Belgastechnika DTB took part in re-construction of the existing gas filling stations and in construction of new ones in Belarus. It developed and launched production of machines for water tests and degasifying of home gas balloons and automatic production lines to paint them at gas-filling stations. Efficiency of main technology processes grew several times after such gas filling equipment and gas balloon repair equipment was developed and delivered.

Total gasification of Belarusian cities required a high quantity of gas pipeline pressure regulators, blocking safety valves, connecting fittings, and filters. Gas regulation installations were developed and supplied both in blocks and boxes. This business has become primary for Belgastechnika since then.
Oue Company employs about 300 scientists and production workers. In 2000, the Company assumed its current name — Belgastechnika R&M RUE.